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2022 CNY Collection


2022 CNY Collection: Year of Tiger

In honor of Chinese New Year, the Prosperity box was created featuring three lucky flavors:

Golden Fortune
24 hour raised brioche, Valrhona chocolate glaze, filled with orange pastry cream, topped with 24k gold powder and candied orange.

Hongbao [Red Envelope]
24 hour raised brioche, raspberry glaze, filled with white chocolate anglaise, topped with Callebaut Belgian chocolate coin and 24k gold leaf.

Double Happiness
24 hour raised brioche, Callebaut Ruby chocolate glaze, filled with delicate lychee cream, topped with freeze dried raspberries, rose buds and 24k gold leaf.

2022 was year of the Tiger, which symbolizes strength and bravery. We thought this was quite fitting to kick off the new year with resilience and strength. We’ve had our fair share of challenges and this collection couldn’t have been more timely and helped us push through.

Each name cards depicts inspirations from CNY aspects tying in elements of gold and red with great focus on the hóngbāo (red envelope) and lucky coins to go hand in hand.