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Our Story


The Art of Pastry: Bunfully Delicious

Bun Appétit brings the French pastry concept with a whimsical twist in a donut form — created by Lydia Choi, a graphic designer and enthusiast of pastries and coffee.

The inspiration behind Bun Appétit has always started with home: the Bay Area. I aimed to bring something special to our diverse community that I am deeply connected to. While my background in graphic design may seem unrelated to pastry, I wanted to convey conceptual exploration and emotions in a visual way into pastry.  

At Bun Appétit, we use quality ingredients to craft art that you can taste. Our seasonal flavors and new products are carefully curated through methodical research and planning. I draw a lot of inspiration from my Korean-American heritage while introducing other cultural flavors. Hearing about customers’ flashbacks down memory lane motivates me to keep raising the bar.

Our team is committed to delivering delightful and unique products paired with a personable experience. Each of  Bun Appétit’s flavors has its own distinct and colorful personality. We invite you to become acquainted with each one!