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2022 Dalgona



무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 (Mugunghwa kkochi pieot seumnida)


Dalgona, or ppoppgi, is a Korean sugar candy that is a tribute to the popular street snack from the 70’s and 80’s during my parents generation! COVID brought on so many interesting viral trends on TikTok and social media, Dalgona coffee being one of them. Squid Game was also the talk of the town and featured some iconic Korean childhood games, like “Red Light, Green Light” and the nerve-wracking game of “ppopgi”, also known as the Dalgona Candy Challenge. Ppopgi was originally a term for sugar-based confections that could be easily molded into shapes like stars and circles.

Of course, keeping up with the times, we did what we do best! We put our BA touch (quite literally our stamp) on it and launched in time for Father’s Day 2022. “Say I ❤️ U Dad with Dalgona!”

Inspired by popular Korean street snack, 🍭 a 24 hour raised brioche filled with Dalgona coffee cream, coffee glazed, dusted with Valrhona cocoa powder and topped with Bun Appétit Dalgona (honeycomb toffee) candy.