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2022 Merry & Bright Collection


2022 Merry & Bright Collection

’Tis the season to be jolly! Can I get a fa la la la la la la la latté? We’re back with our second series of the Merry & Bright Collection with even more adventurous and whimsical flavors.

We’re all about elevating and taking things to the next level, so this collection was to be no different. With many sleepless nights anticipating the holidays and countless hours at the drawing board, we incorporated elements of Santa, Pistachio, S’mores, and Cranberry. Cranberry has always been a customer favorite so we surely couldn’t leave that out!

Once we nailed down our concepts it was time to put them to the test. Each glaze, filling, topping is meticulously sampled and tested to ensure consistent, high quality results.

From sugar dusted strawberry Santa hats topped with snow-like powder to meringue and decorations to match, we present to you: The 2022 Merry & Bright collection. This year we featured gnome characters to spread holiday cheer. Not only are they cute, gnomes are said to bring us good luck, happiness, warmth and a little bit of magic! Each box hand-sealed with a gnome, we hope you’ll be gnome for Christmas~

Merry & Bright Collection box contains four flavors:

Mont Blanc
24 hr raised brioche filled with chestnut-meringue-chantilly cream, Callebaut gold chocolate ganache glaze, topped with chestnut cream, dusted with powdered sugar and strawberry santa hat

Pistachio Lemon
24 hr raised brioche filled with lemon cream, pistachio glaze, topped with pistachio nuts, freeze dried raspberry pieces, chantilly cream and gold leaf

Cranberry Delight
24 hr raised brioche filled with cranberry mascarpone cream, cranberry glaze, topped with candied cranberries and rosemary

24 hr raised brioche filled with marshmallow fluff, Callebaut dark chocolate glaze, meringue kisses and metallic chocolate flakes