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2022 Moon Collection


Moon Collection

Our third year of moon festival pastries taken to a whole new level

The Moon Festival is one of the most iconic and significant holidays in Asian countries where friends and families come together as one and offer thanks to the fall harvest and pray for longevity, prosperity, and great fortune.

As the Moon Cake was to reflect the full moon which symbolizes prosperity and the reunion for the whole family, this is in parallel to our desire to bring people together in harmonious unity.

The Chinese call it the Mid Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival, Zhōng Qiū Jié. In Korea, it is referred to Chuseok, which means Autumn’s Eve while in Japan it is called Tsukini, meaning moon viewing. As the moon cake is the staple in celebration of this holiday, we reflect the same symbolic essence of a round pastry shaped like the moon for roundness and completeness.

This year, we decided to elevate it greatly. With much research, trial and error, it was narrowed down to four core colors and countries.

Taking from each of these cultures, we are differentiating each donut by featuring a black sesame moon cookie, the yakgwa, a honey cookie, dango, a sweet rice dumpling and dried pineapple. Each donut is filled and topped with what is enjoyed from each respective country during the moon festival.

We present to you the Moon Collection: depicting elements of each of the countries’ flags (pictured above), drawing from key elements of each celebration in hopes of bringing a bit of the Moon Festival to you, wishing you prosperity and longevity!

Special Moon Collection box contains four flavors:

Top Left
🥮 KOREA: Mung bean paste, yam white chocolate glaze, topped with decorated yakgwa (Korean honey cookie)

Top Right
🥮 JAPAN: Red bean paste with pine nuts, matcha white chocolate glaze, topped with dango (Japanese dumpling)

Bottom Left
🥮 CHINA: Lotus paste with salted egg yolk center, hibiscus white chocolate glaze, topped with black sesame shortbread cookie

Bottom Right
🥮 TAIWAN: Pineapple jam with Ferrero Rocher center, coconut white chocolate glaze, topped with dried pineapple