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2022 Turon



Turon was a huge hit! Inspired by a popular Filipino street snack familiarly known as banana lumpia with caramel, we put our BA spin on it. Featuring a 24-hour raised brioche filled with jackfruit and banana compôte, crunchy sugar glaze topped with sesame tuile and chantilly quenelle.

Turon is well known as a Filipino fried savory or sweet spring roll covered in caramelized sugar. Traditionally, Turon is filled with banana and often Jackfruit as well.

Behind every masterpiece starts with a mood board tying in the core concepts before our exploration and testing phase.

First test phase – the filling and glaze! Featuring a delectable crunchy sugar glaze, flirting with different sesame tuile designs.

Voilà! The finished masterpiece with the perfect amount of sweet, savory and crunch in each bite.