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2023 Fall for Pies Collection

As the temperatures gently dip and leaves embrace richer hues of red, orange, and brown, this can only mean one thing: it’s time to fall back in love with our Fall for Pies series. It’s a time of gathering and celebrating with family & friends, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere where each laugh and story shared becomes a brushstroke in painting beautiful autumn memories in our hearts.

With much anticipation and interest in the return of our Fall for Pies series this year, Fig, Brie & Wine is a returning fan-favorite that received so much love and interest in the previous year. We had to bring it back!

Exploring unique, creative avenues is what we do best. This year, we experimented with thinly sliced pears for the revamped “Pear Almond”, now elegantly adorned with delicate glass-like pear slices, quenelle and streusel to capture a plated dessert look. Each slice and sprinkle of this cozy masterpiece invites you to savor the charm of a plated dessert in a donut form right in the comforts of your home.

When we think of Fall and pies, sweet potatoes are an essential. With their earthy rich sweetness and vibrant orange glow, sweet potatoes are an autumnal staple. We captured the essence of a sweet potato casserole in a fluffy donut meets a luscious brown butter glaze crowned with toasted marshmallow and dusting of pecan streusel.

To round out the collection with a rich and decadent offering, the Choco Pom is another addition to the collection, unveiling a velvety chocolate mousse cream to embrace you like a warm hug. Drizzled with a delightful pomegranate glaze adorned with a cozy chocolate lattice crust, this is sure to have you savoring the sweet comforts of fall in each bite!

We are so excited to be a part of your Fall pie season with our Fall for Pies 2023 collection. Come explore and experience the unique charm of each pie in donut form!

Top Left
Pear Almond: pear almond cream filling with dulce de leche glaze, topped with candied pear slice, quenelle, Biscoff streusel and gold leaf

Top Right
Choco Pom: chocolate mousse cream filling with pomegranate glaze topped with a buttery chocolate lattice crust and pomegranate arils

Bottom Left
Sweet Potato: a take on the classic sweet potato casserole, brown butter glaze, topped with toasted marshmallow and pecan streusel

Bottom Right
Fig Brie & Wine: mascarpone cream filling, white chocolate ganache glaze topped with fig jam, brie cheese, dried fig, toasted walnuts, finished with Duckhorn merlot pipette