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2023 LNY Collection


2023 LNY Collection: Year of Rabbit

Lunar New Year 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope and abundance as the Rabbit symbolizes longevity, peace, and prosperity. As the previous year of the Tiger was all about strength, vitality, and courage, it’s time to dial down the intensity a bit and take time to celebrate with loved ones at the start of a new year. It is customary to pay respects to older generations and likewise, elders impart words of wisdom and red envelopes (hong bao) for the younger generations’ health and prosperity.

This year, we wanted to incorporate the Rabbit and traditional Lunar New Year aspects with a fresh, modern flair. As family and elders are a significant part of Lunar New Year traditions, I was even able to incorporate my dear late grandmother’s hanbok (traditional Korean dress) into these photos to keep traditions alive. But it doesn’t end there!

As we do with each collection, we love to challenge ourselves and strive harder to kick things up a notch. This year, not only did we add a fourth flavor, we decided to include little meaningful messages that everyone can relate to for our Golden Fortune donut found in each handmade fortune cookie. Life isn’t easy and has its ups and downs, but we hope to bring you a little bit of happiness through our products!

We love a great motif and telling a story through our products. May we all navigate life thoughtfully and swiftly like the rabbit, while avoiding danger and stressors. We went all in during our winter break to develop our next collection and are so excited to present our second Prosperity Box:

Lunar Rabbit
24 hr raised brioche filled with matcha-anko chestnut cream, cream cheese mirror glaze, topped with gold sugared marshmallow rabbit ears

Golden Fortune
24 hr raised brioche filled with coconut anglaise and diced pineapples, kumquat mirror glaze, topped with white chocolate coated hand crafted fortune cookie with inspirational message and gold dust

Hong Bao
24 hr raised brioche filled with dark chocolate anglaise infused with raspberry compote, raspberry mirror glaze, topped with Belgian chocolate coin and 24k gold leaf

Double Happiness
24 hr raised brioche, filled with delicate lychee mascarpone cream, lime mirror glaze, topped with citrus design, rose buds, freeze dried raspberries and 24k gold leaf