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2023 Moon Collection


2023 Moon Collection

Live by the sun and love by the moon

Step into a world where tradition meets modern elegance with the 2023 Moon Collection, making its return as our tribute to the radiant allure of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Each piece of the collection captures the enchantment of moonlit nights of different cultures, weaving together heritage of admiring the full moon and lighting of colorful lanterns. Symbolizing unity, family gatherings, and cultural heritage, we hope to take you on a dessert tour through Asia!

In the previous year’s collection, we drew inspiration from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese cultures featuring flavors that captured their traditional flavors. For this year’s Moon Collection, we have selected four Asian countries to curate a special collective set incorporating our take on some popular desserts of Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Korea.

Taking a journey through Southeast Asia, Cendol is a refreshingly light and flavorful sweet treat that can be found almost everywhere in Malaysia as well as throughout SE Asia. A real crowd-pleaser on hot days, featuring thin crushed ice with green pandan jelly, a medley of beans in coconut milk and palm sugar syrup.

Moving onto Thailand, we took the quintessential Mango Sticky Rice, a classic dessert that is famously served as street food as well as in Thai restaurants all around the world and turned it into a donut. A healthy and satisfying dessert, it features sweet gooey sticky rice served with a luscious coconut sauce and sliced mango.

As we move into East Asia, what came to mind for Hong Kong was their classic dim sum tradition. We took the steamed custard bun made of leavened dough and egg-milk based sweet filling and turned it into a donut form. This delicate bun is a passageway to childhood and countless sweet memories.

Finally, in Korea, Hotteok is a popular street dessert that is a Korean-style pancake made of flat chewy yeasted dough and a mix of brown sugar, cinnamon and sometimes nuts and/or seeds. Slightly crisp on the outside while gooey and melty on the inside, it is the ultimate snack.

With hopes of these flavors transporting one back to their childhood and evoking cherished memories of family gatherings and moonlit nights, we had many trial runs to ensure we could capture the perfect harmony of flavors individually and collectively.

Our intention is for these timeless traditions to also provide wonderful opportunities to create new memories with loved ones, making the Moon Festival a celebration that can bridge generations and cultures together!

The special Moon Collection contains four flavors:

Top Left
Cendol (Malaysia): Filled with coconut cream, mung bean, sweet red bean, cendol jelly, pandan white chocolate glaze, topped with coconut and handcrafted coconut shaped chocolate.

Top Right
Pineapple Custard (Hong Kong): Filled with egg custard, pineapple white chocolate glaze, topped with gold dust and shortbread moon cookie.

Bottom Left
Hotteok (Korea): Filled with cinnamon brown sugar cream, mochi pieces, seeds and nuts, crunchy sugar glaze, topped with spiral cream, gold leaf and pepitas.

Bottom Right
Mango Sticky Rice (Thailand): Filled with black sticky rice pudding, coconut white chocolate glaze, topped with mango slices and flower garnish.